Welcome to Failparty, a site without admins, stalkers, snooping or google tracking; enjoy! Edit?


FailParty fuses many elements together, and thanks for following for their help, contribution and support:
  • Joe Lencioni: Image-handling Library.
  • Mike Francis: Convo bubble design base.
  • Webneel: Background images.
  • Daniel Raftery: Badger Library.
  • George Smith: Easing Library.
  • z0r: Hidden Easter-Egg Library.
  • Brian Turek: jsSHA Library.
  • Joel Birch: SuperFish Library.
  • jQuery Team: jQuery and associated Libraries.
  • Autobahn Team: AuthbahnJS v1 and v2 Libraries.
  • Leon: FailParty Logo.
  • Splith: FailParty developer.

  • Thanks to all for making FailParty exist!