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Information Privacy (on FailParty)

Whilst on FailParty, you may knowingly or unknowingly send or otherwise transmit data as such:
  • By accessing any part of FailParty, your computer sends information including an IP (Internet Protocol) address so that data can be sent to and from your computer correctly, your IP address is stored on log files with the pages you have visited and the times.
  • As soon as you access FailParty, some tiny bits of information are stored on your computer or device, which are known as 'cookies'. These allow the system to identify your details and store other non-persistant data. You are free to disable cookies on FailParty but will be unable to use the website.
  • When creating or logging into accounts on FailParty, your IP address is also stored in a database for security and authentication reasons
  • Any information you provide on your profile or posted onto the various sections of this site (with the exception of convos) is automatically public and collated by search engines. Convos are not guaranteed private, other members in the group can copy and paste the messages and make them public, but by default are private. Please bear this in mind before you share it.
  • If you wish for your account to be deleted, it will first be checked to ensure that no pictures uploaded on that account contain any child-abuse images. If any such pictures are found, all your data and images will be forwarded onto the relevant authorities and may be used against you in a court.
  • Some features on FailParty offer an amount of anonymity such as Rumours or Agony Aunt, your information is still stored with these features but is not made public to other members, and if you post identifiable information (screenshots) then your trip-code may become public and identifiable.
  • Any images you upload to FailParty are stored on a public server, they are not anonymous uploads and other users (including those that are not members) can download, view and edit these pictures. No guarantee of image safety is offered on FailParty.

  • Last Updated: 09/07/2014