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FAILPARTY: Terms and Conditions of use

Terms and Conditions of Use (for FailParty)

FailParty is a free website without adverts or tracking open to all people that comply with the following Terms and Conditions:
  • You will not abuse other members, on or off the site.
  • You agree to use the relevant provided blocking features to control the content you see as FailParty is an un-moderated website without administrators and some content may be inappropriate or offensive for some people.
  • You will use NSFW tagging properly to distinguish when a topic is to contain adult material (considered Not Safe For Work).
  • You agree to not hack, abuse or spam or otherwise impair FailParty or it's services nor partake in or discuss illegal activities on this site.
  • You agree that are an adult in the country you reside in, 18 for the UK and 21 for the United States of America. If you do not meet this minimum age, you fully agree to log off and not return to FailParty until you meet this requirement.
  • You agree that you will not upload copyrighted images on the site or those which you do not have permission to post, and any profile images you upload must be fully SFW (Safe For Work) and not contain nudity.
  • Using FailParty is at your own risk, no-one involved in the hosting or development of FailParty can be help responsible/accountable for your actions or actions others do that may have an impact on you. Information will be forwarded to the relevant legal authorities when requested to do so.
  • You agree that if you find any security flaw/hole or exploit, to report it to the development team and not use it to your or anyone else's advantage or to otherwise use it to bypass security checks or access content for which you are not authorised.
  • FailParty is hosted in the UK and therefore complies with UK law (Please do NOT send DMCA style take-down notices as they will be ignored - this site is not on American soil).
  • These Terms and Conditions may be changed in the future, any corrections in the text can be done without warning but any additions to the T&C will result in all current members being informed (There is an option to have your account deleted from the site should you no longer wish to remain on it or if you do not agree with the new T&C).

  • Last Updated: 09/07/2014